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Building Envelope Solutions and Components


Products to your own specifications

Customization as needed


 We provide vapor barriers/retarders, waterproofing, and air and vapor barriers for all your building envelope design needs.

Shower System

Waterproofing membranes provide protection behind your shower walls and other tiled elements subject to moisture.

Air Barrier

For building envelope systems and components, Jaeger USA has the perfect product to protect your investment for years to come.

The Private Label Partner

Jaeger USA is the private label manufacturer specializing building envelope solutions and components for the construction industry. 

Private label product line for air and waterproofing includes; waterproofing sheet membranes for both above and below grade, accessories for shower installation systems, water, air and vapor permeable sealing tapes, sub floor uncoupling membranes, and foam board.

Products are designed to save time, prevent moisture, water, and air leakage behind your walls.

Modern Bathroom

Building Envelope Membranes

 Building Envelope Components And Systems

No matter what part of the Construction Marketplace you participate in Jaeger USA offers private label customizable air and moisture protection products for the entire structure. We offer products for Residential, Commercial, Industrial that will compliment your current mix or allow you to participate in additional opportunities and applications.

Private Label Customized Categories

Vapor Barriers


Below Grade

Above Grade

Air Barriers



The process of building a house starts on or in the ground. To build a watertight basement the building envelope design is crucial to keep out unwanted water and air. A structurally sound building has a space created to support the building and all of those spots can create a space that air or water can get in.

The benefits of a good building envelope include reduced stress, wear and tear on mechanical systems. This results in turn to reduce energy bills. This is an attractive benefit to you and the resale value of the house to prospective buyers.

Why choose Jaeger USA?


World Class Standards

Jaeger USA's experience in manufacturing components for building envelopes include; air barriers and waterproofing products that protect internal structures from moisture, water, sound, and other sources of indoor environmental pollutants.

Your Business is important to us

  • Relationships remain confidential

  • Product specific engineering

  • Product management

  • Assigned sales to assist in the entire process 

By partnering with Jaeger USA for your outsourced product development and manufacturing needs, you have access to our entire 90 years of experience base and expertise without capital expenditures. Let us be an extension of your product mix plans, add products, add accessories or enter additional markets.

We nurture each of the relationships we support. One of our best-kept secrets is that we sell most of our private label products to our competitors.  If you could ask any one of our long term partners, we know they'll agree.  Our team works with integrity and at the highest level of professionalism. 

By collaborating together, we help to make your process smoother so you can focus on bigger and better things, new industries await. All you need to do is provide us with your logos and designs. From there we will help create a product to proudly represent and market your business on every job.

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Jaeger USA Logo with Germany.png

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